Lawn Maintenance

Turf Care

Fairfield County Landscaping has the equipment and resources to take care of your yard, whether it be small front lawn for house in a quiet neighborhood or acres of green stripped grass in office parks and commercial properties. We will provide weekly lawn maintenance, including cutting, trimming and edging, as well as blowing debris off of all walkways, driveways and parking lots.

Weed Control

Fairfield County Landscaping applies broadleaf weed controls only where weeds are present as opposed to blanket spraying the entire lawn with pesticides regardless of weed populations. This practice not only reduces pesticide use in our environment, but also causes less stress to the grass plant root systems. While there is no preventative treatment for broadleaf weeds, we do treat all weeds present at each visit to your property. And since they can’t be prevented, we can re-treat for weeds between regular visits if needed.


Fairfield County Landscaping offers full lawn aeration and slice seeding programs to help you get maximum growth & coverage throughout your lawn. The holes created by aeration allow fertilizers, water and air to get down deeper into the root zones while relieving soil compaction.


Fairfield County Landscaping uses only the highest quality granular fertilizers applied at the correct rates and timing to promote a thicker, greener, more weed resistant lawn. Our balanced fertilizers are formulated into slow-releasing mixtures to provide longer lasting lawn color throughout the season.

Crab Grass Control

Controlling crabgrass is best achieved by maintaining a thick lawn mowed at a 2 ½” to 3” height and applying a pre-emergent crabgrass control material before crabgrass germination begins in late spring. Our spring fertilization treatment includes this pre-emergent crabgrass control. We can also adjust our program to apply 2 pre-emergent treatments to lawns that have more serious crabgrass problems.

Insect/Grub Control

We highly recommend our preventative grub control treatment. Applied once a year at the correct time, this treatment provides year round protection against damaging grub populations which are very common in our area. We also inspect your lawn at each visit for any other turf damaging insect problems and apply corrective treatments as needed.

Lime Treatments

Our soils in this area are naturally acidic on the pH scale of acidic to alkaline. This acidic condition can be reduced by applying limestone on a regular basis. The benefit of this is that more of the natural nutrients in the soil, which turf grasses need, become more available for their use. Yearly limestone treatments result in a soil condition that will enable a lawn to reach its fullest potential and best appearance with proper fertilization, mowing and watering.

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