Other Services

Goose Control

Fairfield County Landscaping uses a non-harmful spray that repels geese. When applied to grass the long lasting repellent absorbs ultraviolet light through a spectrum that geese see as unappetizing. Lasting through several mowings and rains, this application successfully discourages geese from landing on your property. Four timely applications provide a full season of coverage.

Tree Removal

If it is determined that a tree is hazardous and compromises the safety of your property, then tree removal may be necessary. In the event a tree does need to be removed, Fairfield County Landscaping’s experienced personnel will safely remove it, even in the most difficult conditions. All of our tree work is done with precision and care to avoid damage to your property. Tree removal includes cutting the tree down to nearly ground level and if necessary, the remaining stump can be ground below grade. Stump grinding can include the removal of most surface roots.

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