Fairfield County Landscaping specializes in excavation for all types of residential projects. Our services include excavating for foundations and footings and installation of utility trenches. We also provide expert land grading services to correct drainage issues in your lawn or along your foundation or we can level the ground to add to your property with a patio, a stone wall or other landscaping projects.

Drainage Work

Fairfield County Landscaping will design and install a strategic drainage solutions specific to your location. We make sure all our work complies with local storm-water laws and permits. Whether it be a drainage system needed to fix issues with standing water, to stop surface water from invading your home before it reaches the foundation, to eliminate wet areas that can form into ice or take the water coming off your roof away from your home to prevent flooding and property damage our drainage systems will meet your needs.

Land Clearing

Fairfield County Landscaping provides land clearing services for both residential and commercial purposes. Land clearing is often used to expand yards or outdoor living spaces or clear lots for building. We have the mechanized equipment to offer efficient removal of trees and brush and control undesirable vegetation like vines, thorns and other nuisance vegetation – whether it’s along roadsides or encroaching trees along fields. Our specialized equipment enables us to do land clearing for municipal properties, highway work, and residential properties.

Fairfield County Landscaping, Inc.

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