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Fairfield County Landscaping, Inc. snow and ice removal
Fairfield County Landscaping, Inc. snow plowing services

When the winter season approaches, Fairfield County Landscaping transforms our landscaping operations over to snow and ice management in the late fall. Our crews and equipment are prepared to handle anything that nature will throw our way.

Fairfield County Landscaping specializes in Snow Plowing & Removal. We understand your business is where you make your money and we know that it needs to be accessible in all weather from ice storms to snowstorms, whether it is 2 inches of slush or 2 feet of powder. Fairfield County Landscaping has multiple plow and shovel crews, and salting/sanding equipment. In the event piled snow becomes an issue, we have the equipment to either push it farther back or haul it away. Our Snow Plowing & Removal service is available 24/7 from mid-November to early April. We treat every client individually and will customize your service to fit your particular needs.

After a snowstorm, when all the snow is plowed aside, a thin layer of snow or ice remains. This can be as dangerous as the 12” of powder before, and it needs to be removed quickly and correctly. The majority of our accounts are treated with straight rock salt or a combination of rock salt and coarse sand and/or Magic Salt. In either case, the correct mixture can be applied based on the specific needs of the client.

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